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Kerstin Siaka, Ph.D, M.Sc

Kerstin Siakas is associate professor at the Department of Informatics. She holds a BSc and MSc in Economics from Handelshögskolan vid Åbo Academy, Finland and a PhD entitled «SQM-CODE, Software Quality Management from a Cultural and Organisational Viewpoint” from the department of Computing at the London Metropolitan University, UK.

She also has an extensive industrial experience in developing Information Systems on different levels (programmer, analyst, IT manager) from mainly global organisations in different countries.  She is engaged in research in Information Systems Engineering, Multidisciplinary Approaches of Software Engineering, Knowledge Management and Software Quality Management.  She has a particular interest in the social, cultural and political approaches and their effect on society, such as globalization, outsourcing, eLearning and eInclusion, as well as on the subsequent challenges for managers, educators and governments.

She has published extensively regarding her research in journals, book chapters and International refereed conferences.  She participates/has participated in several European research and Life Long Learning Programmes, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Tempus, Erasmus Intensive Programmes EPEAEK, Archimedes etc.

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