Welcome to my homepage. My name is Serafeim Zanikolas, I'm from Greece, and I'm currently studying towards a Ph.D. at the Computer Science Dept., of the University of Manchester, UK.

Please note that links to greek text are in red.

serzan _at_ it _dot_ teithe _dot_ gr


VI Tutorial / Reference


How to set up your homepage at aetos.it.teithe.gr (Dept. specific)


TEI of Thessaloniki Central Library

What's GNU/Linux?

Markup Tutorials

UNIX & comp. languages history

Discover the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution!

Valid HTML 4.0!

Say NO to Software Patents in Europe!


Advanced Editing on UNIX, by B.Kernighan. Great for mastering regular expressions.

The UNIX Programming Environment, by M.Burgess. If you want to become a UNIX literate this is a good point to start.

VI Lovers Homepage

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