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Team members (f.l.t.r. on the photo): Ivana Maria Miranda (Management Engineer), Rob Bemthuis (Technology Development), Gerjan Lennips (Business Development) and George Politis (Application Development). 


Smart Garbage

We are developing a sensor and app-based solution for cities to optimize their waste collection systems and make the process more efficient. Current existing solutions adopted by smart cities are expensive and often cannot be applied in medium-development countries. Also, there are problems with the materials used and the durability of the sensors when they operate innless-than-optimal conditions.

We provide a cheap and simplified sensor to measure different parameters about garbage containers, including fill rates and fire detection. The data obtained can then be used to optimize the garbage collecting route, and provide valuable insight to the municipal and/or private contractors. In addition, we involve users (i.e. citizens) in our service, by making them aware of the overflowing garbage problem and motivating them to adopt a more eco-friendly behavior.

We are in contact with Municipal Authorities in large cities in Greece and in the Netherlands, and the initial feedback is extremely positive.

The sensor works like this: as the container load increases, the fill rate is detected and the sensors indicate the level. If fire is detected, an alarm rings. The routing is shown here. The app shows us in detail the locations of nearby containers and their respective fill rates.