Haris Tsantas

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world"


My name is Haris and I am currently in my last year of undergraduate studies at the Department of Information Technology of the A.Τ.Ε.Ι. of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Currently I am working on my thesis that focuses on the Design and Development of a 2D Platformer Game in Unity Engine.

ICT and more specifically gaming, have developed tremendously over the last twenty years. I have a keen interest in these changes and would really like to be a part of them in the near future, as soon as I graduate.

After all, it is my interest in gaming that has led me into studying Computer Sciences.



Programming Languages

Java, JavaSqlite
C, C++, C#

Music Skills

harmony diploma
6 years of drumming lessons
2 years of piano lessons

Other Languages

First Certificate in English,University of Michigan

  • Personal Interests:

    Reading comics

    fictional and fantasy novels.

    Playing music

    with other people.

    Playing games

    First and Third Person Shooter
    Real-Time Strategy
    RPG and tabletop wargames

    Watching movies and series

  • Ambition:

    Working in the gaming sector is one of my life’s dreams and although I know it will take a lot of effort, I am really looking forward to work in a multicultural environment; to learn and possibly contribute with my own input, personal background, knowledge and fresh ideas.

    Download Full Resume

    My Work

    - Dungeon Crawler -

    You find yourself inside a dark dungeon full of filthy goblins and orcs.

    Collect the diamonds and find the key to your salvation but be careful you may lose your sanity.

    Download Dungeon Crawler

    - Space Shooter -

    This is a 2D space shooter game made with Unity.

    You have to destroy as many alien spaceships as you can to achieve the best score.

    Download Space Shooter


    Feel free to contact me to provide some feedback on my work, give me suggestions for new games, or to just say hello!