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About Christos Katsikiotis

My name is Christos Katsikiotis and I am a junior software engineer. From my early years I was very curious how our technological world works; how my playstation renders the graphics, the AI and many others questions. And in every time an electronic device broke, it was of course the time to perform surgical operations with the screwdriver. How else could I know what it was inside of it?

While the years passed by, my exposure to technology kept increasing. I owned my first computer, my first smartphone and so on. On every device I was trying to modify it and get to know how they worked and how I should not change any files on system32 no matter an unofficial page suggests!

The age of 17 arrived and soon I had to choose my future path. I immediately knew that CS was the perfect choice for myself. After years of struggle, I managed to enroll in the department of IT in TEITHE with the 21st higher grade. After years with a lot of studying, internship and thesis I graduated in 2015 with average grade of 7,33.

Now, I am looking for continuing my studies pursuing an MA on Software Engineering either in Scandinavia or in Netherlands.


  • Enrollment in TEITHE

    August 2010

    After many months struggle, I enrolled in TEITHE having the 21st highest grade.

  • Start of my Internship

    May 2014

    Around in the end of March of 2014, I got announced that a research center in France accepted me as an intern for 6 months. My internship was focused on improving wireless network efficiency by deploying movable robots which worked as routers.

    Google Map of 50.605288,3.1483837
  • Release of paper

    July 2014

    With the collaboration with Dimitris Zorbas and Periklis Chatzimisios, the paper with the title "Connectivity restoration and amelioration in wireless ad-hoc networks: A practical solution"

    was released.
  • Release of ThessTrafic

    March 2014

    ThessTraffic is an Android application which aims to ease drivers with traffic problems in the city of Thessaloniki. It combines traffic data from multiple sources and presents them in an easy way for the drivers to change the path accordingly. It's a lightweight application for every driver in Thessaloniki.

  • Presentation of Thesis

    April 2015

    After collaboration with Kostas Charitidis and having as supervisor Euclid Keramopoulos, the thesis with the title "Creation of Graphical Query Language" was completed, presented and rated with 10.

  • Graduation

    May 2015

    In 20th of May, graduation took place at the Departments of Informatics in TEITHE. The average grade of all courses was 7,33

  • Completion of IELTS

    July 2015

    I successfully took IELTS test in 4th of July in Thessaloniki. The average of all sections was 6,5. The grades for each section are:
    • Listening: 7.0
    • Reading: 7.0
    • Writing: 6.5
    • Speaking: 6.0





Bash Scripting


Adobe Photoshop

Contact Me

  • chriskatsikiotis@outlook.com